Sunday, June 27, 2010

Squizzy's Golf Shop - The Cheapest Second Hand Balls in Australia

When you play on a course with 17 holes of water, you eventually discover that buying brand new balls to play with is not the most intelligent way of pursuing your golf dream. At least, not until you start breaking 90 on a regular basis. The solution? You find the guys that are fishing out all of those new balls from the 17 holes of water!

The second hand golf ball market is a thriving industry, particularly given the cost of new golf balls and how long a lot people tend to use them. Varying from "they've pretty much only been hit once" all the way down to "it's going to split in half after a few shots" there are second hand golf balls available in just about every type and every grade.

Last year, after many months of searching for a cheap source of good quality second hand golf balls to continue an affordable way of pursuing my golfing dream of getting down to scratch, I stumbled across Squizzy's Golf Shop - a shop located in Albury, Australia that started its life as a family run Ebay outfit.

I can only guess that the little business that started off selling second hand golf balls on Ebay has thrived since then. They now range an extensive range of products, from bulk lots of used balls (I'm talking 300 or more), new balls, golf clubs, and a variety of accessories. And in terms of value for money - well, if I'm looking for something at the best price Squizzy's is the first place I tend to turn to.

The the quality of the golf balls that come from Squizzy's is worth mentioning. They really are excellent for the amount of money you pay. Firstly, a B-grade ball purchased from Squizzy's will be cheaper than your local second hand golf ball shop. Secondly, it will be of better quality - I've observed they're usually supplying balls one grade better than what you would expect.

Personally, I tend to purchase B-grade balls which to me, look to be of A-Grade quality. The only balls they have better than that are the one-hit-wonders which I can only gather that you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between one that came straight out of the box. For my practice rounds, I also buy a bulk lot of balls - generally Titleist NXT Tours in lots of 50 - for the princely sum of 50 cents a ball.

The other thing I need to point out is their customer service. I've often found with online retailers that things can sometimes happen slowly. Squizzy's however will confirm your order within an hour or two of receiving payment with dispatching of the order always occurring the following working day. I've never had to wait longer than 2 days to receive my orders from them. And if there's a problem, they're incredibly responsive.

The last thing I need to mention is that if you do buy from them, make sure you subscribe to their mailing lists. Squizzy's have specials regularly, with my favorite being the "No Postage Weekend" specials which come up about once a quarter.

So, if you happen to live in Australia and are looking for a place that gives you maximum bang for buck for not only your used golf balls, but all sorts of other equipment, give Squizzy's a try.